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What is ‘t Collectief?

“Chaos for which you don’t have a solution immediately”
“’t Collectief is a night full of the most absurd things, and afterwards you will hear stories of even more craziness that you have missed!”

‘t Collectief is more than a party, it is an epic journey during which you will be confronted by many forms of art, music and technology. In the many mysterious rooms you will encounter a mixture of these three core values of ‘t Collectief. Aside from the many bands and DJs from various genres you can discover absurd acts, tantalizing theater, and crazy chambers. We challenge you to embark on an epic discovery through space and blacklight, and to discover all secrets!

How did ‘t Collectief commence?

During one of the hitchhiking competitions of AEGEE-Delft in 2012, the participants visited a club in Berlin called Brünnen70. This was a night to remember. The vast underground warehouse counted over twenty spaces and even today there are still secrets being revealed from that night. Something new could be experienced in every space. You could recover from dancing on techno beats in the pub or game room, climb and conquer a pirate ship or get yourself lost in an amazing maze. This was the inspiration for ‘t Collectief: an event during which you find yourself in another world after every corner.

Hitchhiking trips to Budapest, Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana brought even more inspiration in ruin pubs, old factories with ‘ghetto sculptures’, and the underground scene of these amazing cities. Our goal is to bring back the atmosphere of clubs and urban centers like Instant, Szimpla, Metelkova, ROG Old Factory, Blaznavac and of course Brünnen70 to Delft!

The first edition took place at ‘de Koornbeurs’ in 2014. This was such a great success that a second edition was inevitable. In 2015 ‘t Collectief took place at the center of culture of TU Delft. This edition focussed more on acts and performances. There were artists, controversial music performances, interactive cello Xbox games and many more amazing acts. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, ‘t Collectief took place at Tyché. This year we will continue to innovate, so the festival will take place on March 22nd at X (formerly Sports & Culture TU Delft).