't Collectief

What to expect?

What to expect?

What is ‘t Collectief?

‘t Collectief is a night full of wonder and astonishment organised by AEGEE-Delft. At ‘t Collectief you will find all the art disciplines from visual arts to music to performance arts. Name it and it’s there. A returning aspect of ‘t Collectief is all the different rooms. Each room and every corner offers something new and unique. We challenge you to explore the festival and discover every little secret there is!

How did ‘t Collectief come to be?

During one of the hitchhiking competitions of AEGEE-Delft in 2012 the participants visited a club called Brünnen70. This truly was a night never to forget. The vast underground concrete labyrinth easily had over twenty rooms and up until now there are still secrets being uncovered about that night. In every room there was something new to experience. You could for example take a break from dancing to pumping techno beats in the café or in the game room, climb through a pirate ship or get lost in a maze. This was the inspiration for ‘t Collectief. An event where you think yourself in another world from one moment to another.

The first edition was in the Koornbeurs in 2014. Three floors full of experiences from a painting room to a wall of viewing boxes. This was such a great success that a second edition was inevitable. In 2015 ‘t Collectief took place in the culture centre of the TU Delft. This edition was more characterized by acts and performance. There were visual artists, controversial music acts, interactive cello-xbox games and much more. In both 2016 and 2017 ‘t Collectief took place in the clubhouse of DSB. To get inspired, please watch the aftermovie of last year!