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Artists 2018

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Curious to explore the artists of this year?
That you will have to postpone for a bit. The artists will be announced soont!
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Artist’t Collectief 2017

THE HAZZAH thehaguebluesorchestra
Genre: Blues / Rock
Explosive fuzz sounds and thick waves of ‘verb will keep you floating as the boys of The HAZZAH bring you their surfy garagerock. November 2016 The HAZZAH released their first 7″ called ‘New Fuzz/I Will Wait For You’, wich they recorded with Henk Koorn (Hallo Venray) at Sahara Sound Studio. As 3voor12 Den Haag explains ‘I Will Wait For You’ makes you feel like you’re in California, cruising down the coast in your Volkswagen van. In spirit the boys of The HAZZAH are right there, in that van, fueled up and ready to go.

THE BOWTIES thehaguebluesorchestra
Genre: Dixieland jazz
The history of the Bowties starts in 2010, when two members of the Delftse Studenten Jazz Vereniging Groover and both fan of Dixieland jazz decided to start a band that would be playing Dixieland jazz. This band, called the Dixielandband, had its first rehearsal in February 2011. After a difficult period in which the composition of the band changed a lot, the Dixielandband had its first performance for a live audience in June 2013 in café de Klok in Delft. This proved to be the starting point for more and since then the band has grown from its original of 4 musicians to the current number of 8 musicians and the name of the band was changed to the more catching name Bowties, which is shown by the bowtie that every musician wears.

The music played by the Bowties, Dixieland jazz, originates in New Orleans in the 1920’s and is the first form of jazz played by white musicians. The style is characterized by an uptempo swing and different instruments that play their solo simultaneously. Well known songs from this period are for instance Oh When the Saints Come Marching In, St. Louis Blues and St. James Infirmary. Next to these classics, the Bowties will also play some more modern songs that have been given a swinging Dixieland touch.

Genre: Country, Folk, Pop
Apart from being a student at the TU Delft, Pim Jacobs is also a Singer-songwriter. His style can best be described as a mixture of country, folk and pop. He lets himself be inspired by life itself, different forms of art, and the journeys he makes.

Genre: Sing- and songwriter
Pyke is a songwriter characterised by his powerful voice, catchy refrains and psychedelic interludes. Never before could just one man with one guitar dazzle his audience like Pyke.

With his first EP ‘It Might Just Float Away’ coming up, this is the perfect time to see Pyke performing live. Pyke is comparable to artists like Patrick Watson and Sufjan Stevens, and inspired by bands such as Oasis and Tame Impala. Pyke sings of lightheartedness as well as deep insecurity and anxiety, and through simple but poignant melodies sparks in the listener a feeling of liberating melancholy

Genre: Toneel
Tijdbestek is a group formedby 6 creative minds studying scripting at the HKU. They explore relativity of time and life after death with their debute ‘Tijdbestek’. Every aspect of ‘being-human’ is given a body, face and texture. Would you like tob e confronted with feelings, roughness of life and transiency of love? Come tot he performance act Tijdbestek. You will be in love, touched, horny, pushed away and lovingly pulled back. Tijdbestek, a lovely plate of porridge.

Genre: Dance, acrobatics
Poledancing has found it’s way from strip to fitness clubs in the last few years. It developed to a popular form of art in which a combination of dance and acrobatics are the point of focus. Nevertheless, it has kept it’s sexiness. Kirsten and Chabely have joined their power in the pole dance duo Dipole Dipole to merge their acrobatic moves in an energetic choreography which holds all aspects of pole dancing. Curious? Come and take a look and be surprised by sexy dance moves and inspiring techniques.

Genre: Painting
Irene is a freshman student at the Willem de Kooning acedamy in Rotterdam. Her favorite activity became her study. Irenes style has been influenced by manga but as the time passed by it grew up and became more adult-like and more of her own. One thing is fors ure, our wall will be mesmerizing when she’s done wit hit at the end of the night.